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Unbeatable Cat Food Supplies for a Meow-nificent Life.

Why Catsome?

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Catsome, where our unwavering commitment to the well-being of your beloved feline companions knows no bounds. With a harmonious blend of global expertise and local dedication, Catsome proudly presents an exquisite array of meticulously crafted products hailing from renowned corners of the world such as France, Thailand, Turkey, and other countries.

At the heart of the Catsome brand lies a simple yet profound mission: to provide discerning cat enthusiasts in Malaysia with an unparalleled selection of products that seamlessly fuse uncompromising quality with a remarkably affordable price point. Recognizing the profound bond that exists between cats and their devoted owners, Catsome have curated an extensive and diverse range of offerings meticulously designed to cater to every facet of your cherished feline friend's holistic well-being.

Indulge your discerning tastes and elevate your cat's lifestyle to a level of opulence that only Catsome can deliver. Immerse yourself in a world where premium quality meets accessible affordability, and embark on a journey that transcends mere pet ownership, embracing the epitome of feline splendour.

What are you looking for? 

Here are some series to get you started.


Catsome Vital Grain-Free Series features cat food recipes without any grains, prioritising protein-rich ingredients for peak health and energy.


Catsome Hypoallergenic Series features cat food recipes with carefully chosen grains, striking a balance between nutrition and dietary preferences.

Gravy Wet Food

Catsome Grain-Free 80g Gravy canned food includes a blend of protein-rich nutrition with a savoury, luscious gravy texture.

Jelly Wet Food

Catsome Grain-Free 80g Jelly canned food includes premium proteins with a refreshing jelly texture for a delightful feast.


Catsome’s high-performance Bentonite cat litter is designed for exceptional odour control and strong clumping, ensuring a pristine space.


Catsome’s eco-friendly Tofu Type cat litter offers gentle clumping and biodegradable materials for a sustainable and fresh environment.

400G CAN

Catsome Grain-Free 400g cat canned foods features real meats and a convenient 3-day fridge freshness upon opening.

Creamy Cat Sticks

Catsome Creamy Cat Stick is a decadent, protein-packed treat which exquisitely includes a blend of rich, delectable flavours with a velvety-smooth texture.

Cat Grain-Free Pouch

Catsome Cat Pouch in Jelly includes a symphony of premium and protein-rich ingredients suspended in a refreshing, succulent jelly, delivering nourishment with every bite.

Catsome Goat Milk Powder

Catsome Goat Milk Powder is a nutrient-rich supplement promoting digestion, immune support, and hydration, enhancing the cats’ overall vitality.

What Are Pet Parents Saying

Catsome Hypoallergenic Series Dry Kibbles

Let's chat about my kitty's ultimate faves! These kibbles totally rocked Luna's world – like, total game-changer vibes. Guess who's the superstar? Catsome's Hypoallergenic Series in Chicken recipe. Luna? She goes bananas for it, a burst of flavours in her mouth! And let's talk digestion – low grain means big wins. She's all cosy and comfy. Tailored just for indoor cats, Luna's got boundless energy. Oh, and her coat? Like a sleek, shiny masterpiece – thanks to those super vitamins.

Min Wei

Catsome Hypoallergenic Series Dry Kibbles

I'm absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Catsome's Hypoallergenic Series dry kibbles. Honestly, my cat Barry boy can be quite the picky eater, but the lamb flavour is the real superstar here. Not only does it have her taste buds doing a happy dance, but it's also got a special purpose – urinary care and prevention. It's like Catsome really gets it, you know? This lamb flavour is tailored to help support Barry's urinary health, and that's a big deal for us pet parents.

Laura Chia

Catsome Vital Grain-Free Series Dry Kibbles

Hey, it's Alex with more Catsome love! My cat's reaction to this blend of chicken and salmon is nothing short of remarkable. The Chicken with Salmon recipe it's like they've crafted it for cats with discerning taste buds. I kid you not, I can hear that satisfying sound from across the room. This recipe isn't just about taste, it's about taking care of her active lifestyle. The real meat ingredients combo provides her with the protein she needs to keep up her adventures. And the fact that it's grain-free? Well, that's a big win for my cat's digestion.

Alex Goldwin

Catsome Grain-Free Cat Canned Foods

I've got to spill the beans about Catsome's grain-free wet canned foods. My cat is the ultimate food critic, and he's given these cans a standing ovation. The tuna scallop gravy combo smells so good, it's practically making me hungry. Max wolfs it down like it's his last meal, and I'm loving the fact that it's grain-free – no more allergic troubles in sight. If your cat's got discerning tastes, these cans are definitely worth trying out.

Frederick Ong

Catsome Vital Grain-Free Series Dry Kibbles

Oh, I just can't hold back my excitement, my cat has been chowing down on Catsome's Vital Grain-Free Series dry kibble in Salmon with Herring recipe for a while, and this amazing recipe isn't just about satisfying taste buds; it's about taking care of my cat’s overall well-being. The real salmon and herring combo provides those omega-3 fatty acids that work wonders for her skin and coat. I'm talking glossy, shiny, and absolutely envy-worthy.

Arinah Bakhtiar

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"Business Growth by 10x"

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